We offer a variety of services.  Please call if you have any questions or if you need repairs that are not listed below.  We offer our services to fleet companies as well.

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Oil Change
  • Transmission Service
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Axle Service
  • Transfer Case Repairs/Service
  • Fuel Injector Repair/Replace
  • Fuel Injection Pump Repair/Replace
  • Suspension Repair/Replace
  • Body and Suspension Lifts and Lowering Systems
  • Steering System Repairs
  • Brake Service
  • Wheel Bearing Replacement
  • Major Engine Overhaul/Rebuilt
  • Coolant System Servicing
  • Tire Sales
  • Intercooler and Boots Repair/Replace
  • Head Studs/Gaskets
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