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Universal – Many Applications


Specifically designed for High Performance Diesels!

Drag racing and sled pulling places huge stress on your truck’s parts in a very short period of time. But PPE’s hoses were designed to handle the rigors of racing and competition. They are equally proficient at the job of towing heavy loads over long distances, all of which are due to their burst rating of over 200 psi.

Each PPE Performance Silicone Hose is strengthened with its 5 plies of polyester reinforced fibers making them very tough, although, there is more to these hoses than simply being tough. The Fluorocarbon lining offers better lubricity (that means it is slippery and resistant to chemicals) and the silicone rubber construction ensures that they will deliver constant boost pressures from -76 degrees all the way to +437 degrees Fahrenheit. In short, PPE Performance Silicone Hoses will not blow out like a stock hose will. Especially, with being resistant to fuel, oil and chemicals while also being UV and Ozone resistant, these hoses can withstand the exposure that heavy usages puts upon them. With multiple sizes and configurations, there is a PPE Performance Silicone Hose for every design application.


  • Working Pressure: 70 psi – BAR 4.8
  • Burst Pressure: 207 psi – BAR 14.3
  • UV & Ozone Resistant
  • Handles High Boost Pressures


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